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By Candace Sams

Format: eBook

SKU# T5057

As an officer of the Constellation League, Darius Starlaw is charged with a serious duty. Some might say there's a conflict of interest in going after the vampire responsible for killing his family years ago. But he sees the mission as ironic justice. If anyone has a right to chase this criminal, it's him. To make sure critics on his home planet are appeased, he'll hunt down his quarry by the book. If that means chasing his target to a primitive world known as Earth, then so be it.

Laurel Blake is undercover for the San Diego PD. Someone's killing homeless people and she's been sitting in the dark for nights, waiting for any sign of a suspect. The last thing she expected was a murderous vampire drinking the blood of innocents. What's worse, her perp is being chased by aliens from another planet and she's found herself in the middle of a dangerous firefight.

Darius never meant for anyone on Earth to learn of advanced races in the universe. When Laurel is critically injured during the commission of his duty, he has two choices. He can leave her behind to die from wounds her technologically inferior physicians cannot heal, or he can take her aboard his ship.

With his prey and an injured Earther safely ensconced aboard his spacecraft, Darius's real adventure begins. If he thinks a murderous vampire was difficult, Laurel means to show him how much worse things can get after abducting an Earth cop.

SKU T5057
Author/Speaker/Editor Candace Sams
File Type ePub
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440581892

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