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What a Texas Girl Dreams

By Kristina Knight

Format: eBook

SKU# U9203

Life in the saddle is perfect for Monica Witte. She is forging a life outside of Lockhardt, Texas, home of her worst childhood memories. With hard work, she's been at the top of the rodeo world for nearly three years, but when her horse is injured at a show, she knows there is no better place to go than home.

Trickett Samuels is tired of hiding his affair with Monica Witte. Since her sister's wedding, they've been dating on the sly and he's had all he can take of acting like a teenaged Romeo to her Juliet. Something's got to give and as far as Trick is concerned, it's Monica's stodgy belief that she doesn't need love.

With a horse to rehabilitate and a family to keep at arm's length, Monica just needs a way to blow off a little steam. Trick's never worried about her relationship rules before, but now that she's back in Lockhardt he seems hellbent on changing who Monica is. But the biggest problem? She finds herself wanting to change too ... but how can a girl who doesn't know how to love hold on to the most precious gift of all: a cowboy's heart?

SKU U9203
Author/Speaker/Editor Kristina Knight
File Type ePub + Mobi
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440555732

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