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Her Knight in Black Leather

By JM Stewart

Format: eBook

SKU# U6647

Cat Edwards sets out to shed her wallflower shell—and gets far more than she bargained for.

Fear of her mother’s reputation has kept her locked in a self-imposed prison and she longs to escape. A girl’s night out leads to more trouble than it’s worth, though, as Cat ends up with more than she can handle. The stranger who comes to her rescue is temptation wrapped in black leather and makes the night a complete success. He’s exactly what she’s been looking for.

The black sheep of his family, Michael Brant left town ten years ago with a chip on his shoulder and a heart full of guilt. Now all he is wants is to make amends. His real mistake is rescuing a shy bookworm who doesn’t belong in the packed bar he finds her in. Especially since she doesn’t recognize him, and he can’t help but be drawn to her alluring beauty.

It’s supposed to be a single night, but as news of his return spreads through town like wildfire, Michael’s past mistakes come back to bite him, dragging Cat down with him. Compelled to protect her from a stalker’s fury whose aim is clearly off target, Michael proposes a phony engagement. But when their lie becomes entirely too real, can their hearts survive the biggest threat of all?

SKU U6647
Author/Speaker/Editor JM Stewart
File Type ePub + Mobi
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440564284

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